Education Plan For A Care For Diabetic Pat Patients Who Have Foot Ulcers Essay

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This education plan is aimed at wound care for diabetic pat patients who have foot ulcers. This can occur to any diabetic patient, however it is not usually an issue until they’re in their early 30s. This patient population can include a variety of education and experience backgrounds, however it is important that all patients are able to understand it so it will be presented in congruence with a fifth grade literacy level. They also have a variety of levels of support, however the patient that this plan was created was homeless. Therefore, this plan was created for a patient who has minimal access to healthcare and resources. The most appropriate patient to teach is a patient who is alert, oriented, aware of his surroundings, not in pain, has recently eaten and is motivated to learn the material you are teaching. I will be teaching this to a patient that is currently in the hospital, so there are many barriers that I will have to face. One important barrier is time. There is many people going in and out of patients room while they are in the hospital, so as a nursing student it is hard to find quality, undistracted time with the patient. Another barrier will be the patients desire to learn. In order for this education to be successful, the patient will need to listen intently to the information and ask questions to clarify understanding. When scripting a teaching plan, it is important to begin with objectives that you plan to meet (McNeill 2012). The objectives that I

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