Education: The Imperative Need for Earlier Foreign Language Study

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No one wishes to feel inadequate. Whilst this statement may be a generality, there are very few people in this world who do not desire to reach their full potential. Humankind is always progressing, always attempting to better itself. Dismissing and breaking limits is what people do best. Why then do Arizonans willingly submit themselves as well as their children to self-imposed limitations? The bourne Arizonans have created is not in what they think, but in how they think. They have made is so that language, the very essence of thought and speech, has limited the primary education system. And as technology advances and continues to unite the globe, the Arizona education system needs to incorporate foreign language into primary …show more content…
Many view mandatory second language study as a threat to the purity of their own tongue. In Arizona, speaking another language can be seen as suspicious, if not “un-American”. But by refusing to even let primary education instructors provide curriculum for English-speaking students to study foreign languages, the primary education system sends off a message that English is the superior, if-not only language. The truth is, non-English social interactions are impossible to avoid in a state where the percentage of non-English speakers is nearly thirty-percent. (U.S. Census Bureau). From this statistic, one can conclude that Arizona shares a whole lot more than just a border with the Spanish-speaking country Mexico.

Even though they are separate entities with differential government practices, Arizona and Mexico share a lot of their culture, citizens, and etymology. From Mexico into Arizona, there is a lot of cross-cultural transference, like elementary schools celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Even just driving around Tucson or Phoenix, one would find advertisements directed towards a Spanish-speaking target audience. The Arizona-Sonora border, metaphorically tied to no nation, serves as a kind of cultural buffer zone between the nations, cultivating its own culture and traditions through the cultural combination of Arizona and Mexico. Many cities and towns
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