Education of Special Learner

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Carli J. Riblett
November 20, 2015
Mark Mendez
Special Education and the Implications of Attitude, Litigation, and Legislation
A person’s initial reaction when they see a child with special needs is typically compassion; however that is not and has not always been the case. For this very reason the federal and state governments have put into action certain laws to protect these children and their families. There is always room for improvement but it is a good start and has helped with providing education to fit the individual needs of these children.
Attitudes are formed by a person’s experience or first impression of a situation or the particular environment they may be in. the human race holds certain expectations for how
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I honestly worry for all students nit just the special needs students. I worry because it has become about the scores not he education. There has even been rumors that the teachers pay will reflect the state standards testing scores, this is not motivation it is another stress that is taking away from our educators freedom to capture their students and make learning fun again. Removing or cutting our elective classes such as Home economics, Choir, Band, your basic life skills classes we are taking the fun out of school. These classes are being minimized because they want more focus on common core. I think that we need to go back to teaching for the student and less for what some guy in an office thinks is better for y=the statistics of the country. I can remember my senior year in high school I was a teacher’s assistant for my physical education teacher she approached me and asked me to be a T.A. in her special education dance class because she had seen me interacting with quite a few of these students on campus. I accepted kind of apprehensively as I did not know how these students learned or what they were like in a classroom setting. I had always had sympathy and was very protective of the students that were around me I was never afraid or put off by special needs kids. This class was begging for me I knew from the very first day I wanted to teach
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