Educational Autobiography : Philosophy, Philosophy And Philosophy Of Education

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Educational Autobiography:

My education was based on rules , norms , moral and civil obligations at very young age. These are the mission, philosophy and foundation of Catholic’s education that I grow up with. I can honestly say that been educated under these principles that helped me to adopted an invaluable concept of discipline and responsibility. I can be anything more than grateful to spend twelve years of my life learning from outstanding teachers and Nuns. I enjoyed coming to school every singled day. I am here writing these words and my memories come to life.

We have diversity in our school faculty , these teacher and Nuns mader our learning experiences more interested. I remember having two different coach in my PE class, one was the coolest Sor. Maria she was the coolest Nun ever, and Professor Rodrigo. We have religions teachers, in some cases there were Nuns, but not always. Teacher that was qualified was able to teach religions as well. We had a full curriculum , with all the subjects including , music, craft and art. These was taught in almost all the grades. Like a mandatory skill that needed to be learned. I do remembers all my years in school one more detailed than others. But, I remember all. My first grade and my high school graduation, specially the last year, Whose doesn’t ? The last year when was time to say goodbye. High school graduation, where we all were Kings and Queens.

That year felt like never end, but at the same time, we

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