Essay on Edward Jones: Values and Goals

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Edward Jones: Values and Goals A fourteen year veteran of Edward Jones counted one of the perks of her job as reading client "thank you" notes penned when children went to college, or when retirements were launched a little bit early (Wolfe, 22 Feb 2002). This veteran could have counted many other types of perks such as salary, career advancement, etc., but she did not. She stated the intangible, intrinsic benefits like “thank you” notes and personal greetings. Many other employees stated similar things like “all we do is help people obtain goals”, clients are just as likely to come in to tell of good news or show off their new car as they are to sign business paperwork, and “everyone is focused around a single mission” (Wolfe, 22 Feb …show more content…

brokerages. Employees and customers alike observed what a value driven company with a keen strategy this was, a strategy that acted like permanent glue in Edward Jones’ professional relationships. The key values of conservatism and service of the steadfast investor are just scratching the surface of what makes Edward Jones a truly fascinating company.
CHARACTERISTICS OF MOTIVATION Looking from the outside in, there are some distinct reasons why Edward Jones kept its employees finely motivated. Using the Job Characteristics Model as a template to analyze how it was done, it is apparent that Edward Jones harnessed for its employees job meaningfulness, responsibility, and demonstrated knowledge of results; which ultimately guided top-notch work outcomes (Louis, Notes on the Job Characteristics Model). Analyzing the ‘job characteristics’ section of the model, it is evident that Edward Jones mastered the concept of autonomy. Evidence presented itself when Jones’ employees were encouraged to grow roots and stay in one branch office without having to relocate in order to advance careers. This autonomy allowed for another characteristic to prevail, task significance. Through their autonomy, the individual branches reached out to connect with their clientele and clearly were able to perceive the impact that their

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