Effect Of Advertising On Children Essay

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Effect of Advertising on Children Advertising is something that everyone sees, whether that be driving down the road, listening to the radio, or watching television everyone is bound to see some. Children growing up today cannot go a day without checking Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. These children are always on their phones or watching television so they see these advertisements hundreds of times a month. When watching television, it is impossible not to see an advertisement about sugary or fast food, alcohol, or sexual advertisements which are all affecting today’s children and adolescents. Although most of these advertisements are focused towards adults, they hit children and adolescents the hardest. In late April of 2011 the New York times published a story about the use of cartoon characters in the commercials of cereal brands. In this article, they speak about the Federal Trade Commission enacting new rules on big name cereal brands such as Fruit Loops. The guidelines released by the Federal Trade Commission included “television and print ads, Web sites, online games disguised as camouflaged advertisements, social media, product placement in movies, the use of movie characters in cross promotions and fast food children’s meals” (Neuman). As this article was published in 2011 I remember how many different cereal advertisements there were on television when I watched, but, now a day I see much less advertisements about these overly sugary cereals in part due to
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