Effect Of Power Quality On A Smooth Industrial Process

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Abstract As industries expand, utilities become more interconnected and the use of electricity rises, power quality becomes essential to insure a smooth industrial process. The main problem that severely affects the power’s quality is the presence of the harmonics, which affects the performance of the system. Some of the problem caused by the harmonics are metal parts’ overheating, increasing noises in motors, decreasing the efficiency of the motors, etc. some corrective methods can be used to reduce its effect. Contents Introduction 3 What is Power Quality? 4 Harmonics-Basic Concepts 5 The Affects 6 Solution 7 Line Reactors 7 Harmonic Filters 7 12 Pulse Rectifiers 7 Benefits 8 Conclusion 8 References 8 Introduction For the last 25 years there has been a great increase in the usage of the solid state electronics technology. This new technology has provided us with the opportunity to have a product with a high quality with an increased productivity due to its high efficiency. Today, we can produce products with high quality at less cost than in the last years, but this new technology has given rise to a new problem, which is the need for a clear electric power. This new technology has replaced many of the old ones, bringing many advantages to the user, for example DC & AC drives, soft stators, UPS, etc. Since this new technology is rapidly gaining in the modern industries, power systems are expected to provide an ideal sinusoidal waveforms for currents and voltages,

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