Effect of Sucrose Solution on Osmosis Essays

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Effect of Sucrose Solution on Osmosis

Aim: The aim of the experiment is to show how varying the concentration of sucrose solution affects osmosis by changing different molar solutions of sucrose and water and how it affects the potato. Introduction: In this investigation I will be exploring the effect of varying concentration of sucrose sugar solution on the amount of activity between the solution and the potatoes.

Osmosis is the movement of water molecules across a partially permeable membrane from a high water concentration to a low water concentration. Osmosis can be effected different things such as:

- Temperature - The warmer the solution, the quicker the osmosis will go. This is because the water …show more content…

The potato cells, took in, or gave out the water depending on the concentration of the solution it is surrounded in.
The results were fine and by looking at the mass measured before the experiment, you can see that there is no reading which seems to be out of the line. As the weights before the experiment range between 2.31g and 2.46g, this tells us that the potato pieces were cut well, and I believe accurate enough.

The results show that:
- Osmosis actually took place in the experiment.
- As the sucrose solution increased, the mass decreased, and as the sucrose solution decreased, the mass increased

Evaluation: I followed the plan correctly; I believe I gained accurate and sufficient enough results to conclude the experiment, and to prove my prediction.
To make this experiment better, I believe that I could have done more than one experiments to see if anything has gone wrong, but since

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