Effect of Terrorism Threats on Emergency Management Plans

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Response and Priority Areas Handling and preparing for terror attack is crucial and sensitive matter that needs not to be taken for granted. It's a huge task and I would take it with the seriousness it deserves because failure to carry out my obligations effectively will entail putting the lives of many innocent Americans on the line. Furthermore, terrorist attacks are well planned, well coordinated and well executed. With this understanding, I would begin by ensuring tight security measures at all American border points with the help of Homeland security agents. Secondly, I would go ahead to identify major likely terrorist targets that are highly vulnerable to terrorism attacks. According to the testimony of Assistant Secretary for infrastructure protection James L.Snynder, complex terrorist attacks are executed in a multiple patterns particularly in hotels and religious locations that carry a large number of people. Sometimes terror attacks may change from an overland entry to a water-borne entry, and I would therefore not hesitate to secure the American coasts and beaches and lastly the transportation sector. My major role and responsibility would thus focus on all vulnerable areas as pointed above (Homeland Security, 2012). Procedural Steps and Agencies to involve After identification of vulnerable areas that can easily be affected, secondly, I would lay and develop a strategic plan on preparedness including the communication of terror threat, then proceed to risk
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