Effective School Leaders Must Be Dynamic And Ready Essay

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Critical Assignment 1 Michael Friedel Lynn University Intro Highly effective school leaders must be dynamic and ready to meet several needs in the realm of human resources. One of those responsibilities is to create an environment where teachers and staff can thrive and reach the maximum potential for their professional development. An administrator must also identify and cultivate the next set of leaders to educate the next generation of students. A district that wants to be successful will identify and train candidates from within to create the strongest institution. To accomplish this, the district must install a structured career ladder to attract, develop and retain the best candidates (Lovely, 2003). While trying to develop staff, the main goal in mind should be student success. Student success can be defined as students demonstrating proficiency on state exams, student graduation, college attendance and post-graduation success. Identify and cultivate potential and emerging leaders Staff development program The first step in the structured career ladder should be to design an internal staff development program for leadership. Naturally talented staff must be made to feel they are in a place that values their skills, and if they desire there is a path to advancement available to them. Highly effective school leaders will need to identify these employees and help them develop for the benefit of the employee as well as the overall strength of the organization. There are

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