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Module 8607-522 Becoming an Effective Leader Name: Keith Casaletto ID: 0231792M Table of Contents Understand own ability to fulfil key responsibilities of the leadership role 3 Be able to evaluate own ability to lead others 5 Personal development plan 7 Conclusion 8 References 9 Becoming an Effective Leader My own experience in leadership has been achieved during the last three and a half years working at Lufthansa technic Malta. The company has been operating in Malta for the last 12 years in which there has been a rapid growth in the company operations creating opportunities and developments. For the last two years I’ve had the opportunity to start working as a shop leader, developing my skills and gaining …show more content…

It is used where an environment is dangerous and a specific set of procedures are necessary. In my department the use of hazardous and toxic products is routine. As a leader it is a must to set strict rules and procedures that every team member must follow and work with. It is my responsibility to communicate and ensure that every individual wears the personal protective equipment provided by the company when working with hazardous and toxic products. Due to the investment in aviation maintenance, the majority of projects have to be completed in a short time even with the involvement of heavy workloads. In these situations motivation and passion of each and every individual tends to drop, and there is a tendency to cut corners. For example, team members tend to work in toxic environment without the personal protective equipment or the improper use of tools. In these situations as a leader it’s important to set achievable and realistic goals. In this manner you will motivate all the team mentally and even physically, so they will be able to achieve their goals. As a leader to keep my integrity is important. I have to be able to distinguish right from wrong when it comes to the decisions I make and even more when safety is involved. I have to make every individual in the team aware of the consequences they can end up with, if the personal protective equipment is not used when needed (Cherry,

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