Effectiveness And Efficiency Of A Project Plan

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School of BUILT AND ENVIRONMENT Name: Abdulaziz Saad Supervisor: David Bryde Module: Project Planning 7203BEPG Date: Nov 2014 Abstract The effectiveness and efficiency of a project plan can impact the project outcomes and outputs, this review will describe the project planning process. Then it will go into some of the planning methods that can aid in achieving successful projects. This review will also illustrate the project critical success factors and the part they play to help making sure the plan is good enough to achieve the best results. It will be based on published peer-reviewed academic journals. Contents The Importance of an effective and efficient project planning process in achieving successful outputs and…show more content…
The report will focus on how the effective and efficient project planning can help in achieving successful output and outcomes to projects. It is not going to be focused on a certain project but will be generalised on how efficient and effective planning can help in delivering successful projects. 2.0 Project planning According to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), a project includes the following four phases: initiation, planning, execution and closure. (PMI, 2004) Project planning is the stage that defines how the project is going to be undertaken to a successful execution and delivery. “In present times any kind of activity is considered as a project” (Toader , 2010), “The quality and importance of project planning has been considered a major cornerstone of every successful project. (Dvir, 2004). “Numerous empirical studies of project management success factors suggested planning as one of the major contributors to project success.” (Pinto & Slevin, 1987) Project planning can be an effective risk management tool as (Zwikael & Sadeh, 2007) labelled that “In order to increase the chance of project success, project managers are motivated to reduce risks by implementing better
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