Effects Of Anxiety On Adolescent Women

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The Effects of Anxiety on Adolescent Women
Zoon Fonville
Eastern Florida State College
Fall 2015
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The Effects of Anxiety on Adolescent Women Research This paper includes five articles that report results from research conducted to observe how adolescents, specifically female, are affected by the anxiety disorders. Blumenthal, Leen-Feldner, Babson, Frala (2011) stated “Adolescence is a key period in terms of the onset and intensification of psychological diagnoses and symptomatology across clinical domains (e.g., depression, panic attacks; and both empirical and theoretical work highlight this phase in terms of social anxiety specifically”. However, anxiety can affect those entering the pubescent period in more than just socially based forms.
Blumenthal, Leen-Feldner, Babson, Frala (2011) performed an observational study on various participants to determine whether or not anxiety affects which ages and genders most severely. The purpose of this paper was to compare the anxiety levels in those reaching the pubescent stages at different maturity levels. They hypothesized that anxiety would be most severe in those who matured earlier and hit a pubescent period younger. Procedures: Youth were screened for particularly erratic criteria, and the eligible were scheduled for the experiment, only when participant and parental consent, for child participation, was received. Once parents and youth

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