Effects Of Anxiety On Second Language Writing

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Literature Review There many reasons to why one person may be more successful than another person. A couple of reasons might be due to motivation or identity to the language. One other reason could be due to anxieties learning a language. Throughout my life, I have heard a lot about second language speaking and listening anxieties, but I have not heard much about how anxiety or writing anxieties can affect second language writing. Therefore, I wanted to look more into the research and conduct research on the correlations of second language anxieties and writing. Through my research, there are themes we need to consider to fully understand anxieties and the correlations with writing anxieties. These themes include the effects of anxiety on second language writing, the factors that contribute to second language writing and the teaching methods that could inhibit or contribute to writing anxieties as well. In order to fully understand second language anxieties, we need to look at the effects of anxiety on student performance. Through multiple research studies there is a definite correlation between second language anxieties and second language writing. One research team conducted a study in a Taiwan University to investigate the relationship between second language classroom anxieties, second language writing anxieties and achievement (Cheng, 2000). Classroom anxiety associated and not associated with writing were found to be correlated with writing achievement (Cheng,…
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