Effects Of Curricular Activities On Adolescents

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The Effects of Extra-Curricular Activities on Adolescents Programs that go beyond the classroom are designed to enrich the lives of students across the globe. "They enrich the lives of the student, their families and our communities. These activities create well rounded children who learn what their interests and talents are because they have been exposed to such opportunities."(Extracurricular activities, Anonymous) Parents tend to push their child to study more when in fact, they should encourage their child to involve themselves in activities beyond a daily study session with their textbook. While focusing on studies inside of the classroom is important, participating in groups outside of the classroom is vital. After school programs promote the social skills of adolescents, good grades and behavior, self-esteem, discipline, and an overall positive outlook on life and what the future may hold. Although extracurricular activities are great, they also hold some downsides, such as putting extra frustration on the student, stress, and financial barriers. Extra-curricular activities are built for the embetterment of today’s children and the community as a whole. When a child joins a group outside of the classroom, they allow themselves step outside of their comfort zone and connect with different people who have similar interests. This in turn builds life-long friendships, which can promote ones motivation, lessen grief, and keep one socially engaged, which is good for the
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