Effects Of Morality And Morality

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Memory Effects on Ethics and Morality
Memory is one of the essential components of a human being. It affects almost all the aspects human behavior. Ethics and morality are part of two contemporary factors that affect the human memory and the subsequent actions in the social domain. It seems that people have lowered morals in the phase of everyday challenges such that ethical dealings are viewed as a typical mountain in most situations. In most sectors of the public operation, you find that most of the problems that are presented there or are linked to lack proper ethics and morality. Well as the action of the population says that morality is relative and not absolute, I always believe that that there should be a bar of reference. Additionally, the reason why I considered the topic is due to the divergent discussion that comes with it in any given forum of discussion. The most critical epithet in the topic is its need of reinforcement into the society. Talking about this topic will open avenues for more vibrant and genuine views on the topic. For this paper, I will analyze two articles on morality and ethics from the psychology today website.
Article Summaries
“Why We Kill,
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The author takes a bidirectional approach to the question awarding it both a yes and a no answer. He says that there has been a continuous evaluation of the nature of the human being .as they evolve the morality also evolve with it. In his argument, he says that however the evolution process, the faculties that make the regulation of the morality in the various situation will be evoked in different priorities depending on which environment that they operate instill he argues that the different cultures have a specific variance in the way that they define the moral virtue. An example that is given the article is the eating of pork in by some communities while abstinence of the other side (Michael,
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