Effects Of Obesity On The United States

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Introduction According to the Center of Diseases and Control Center facts, during the previous 20 years, there has been a dramatic increase of weight in the United States and the rate continues to remain high. With the estimate of more than 33% of the United States adults (34.9%) and pretty near 17% or (12.7 million) of kids and youths matured 2-19 years of age are obese” (CDC, 2014). According to a study released in June of 2013, Mexico have passed the United States as the ‘fattest’ nation on 50% of the globe (CBS news, July 2013). With a 32.8 percent adult obesity rate, Mexico simply creeps past the 31.8% obesity rate in the United States, as indicated by a study released in June of 2013 by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization. With food, oil, gas, lack of stability, unemployment, and finance, body weight and statistics are continually changing not only yearly but daily for many individuals.
According to the interview CBS news reporter had with Dr. Abelardo Avila, Mexico National Nutrition Institute, “the same individuals who are malnourished are the ones getting to be large. In the poor classes there are large folks and malnourished children. The most noticeably bad thing is the kids are becoming satisfied with obesity. It is an intense epidemic” (CBS news, July 2013). Barry Popkin, an obesity expert at the University of North Carolina, presented a great part of the hype in Mexico’s obesity to expanded utilization of cheap sugary beverages
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