Effects Of Social Media On Teenagers

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After they have been exposed to the dazzling world of the internet, teenagers tend to live their lives in full view to their online audience. They have been “checking-in” their locations online, posting personal affairs on their social media walls, and sharing their selfies to let people know where they are and what they are up to. For some people and experts from different generations, the idea of doing all these things seems to be odd. One of these experts is Sherry Turkle, MIT professor and psychologist, who studies the opportunities and challenges associated with our digital connectivity. Turkle, in the Tedtalk “Connected, But Alone?” claims that the technological devices, that have been recently invented, have a psychological power that makes their users do things that only few years ago were very strange and unusual (02:20). Although that the social media has brought a new type of interaction with others into our lives, it made many users, especially the teenagers, be less confident about their own identities, and it reduced their interpersonal relationships with other people around them. Social media, specifically Facebook, creates an environment for teenagers in which it makes their disordered thoughts about their own self-image thrive. According to Turkle“This company is reshaping how we think about ourselves and define ourselves and our digital selves” (qtd in Wortham, par. 2). However, girls have been paying much attention to whether they look good enough or not

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