Efficiency And Effectiveness Of An Organization Essay

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In an organization, in order to achieve its goal, required a good management concept when assessing their performance. Fundamentally, a good management within an organization is a management that conducts efficiency and effectiveness (Gish, 2016). In the same way, efficiency in an organization will be useless if they fail to achieve its objectives due to ineffectiveness. Similarly, an effective management will also be worthless if they are inefficient. In today 's world, we may see many effective organization but some of them are still not efficient. Even though effective and efficient have the same goal of improving organizational performance, each of them has a different value. Therefore, this essay will identify the definition of efficient and effective, the differences between these two elements, and the writer’s opinion regarding to the importance of efficiency and effectiveness. In general, a successful organization is an organization, which is effective and efficient. According to Robbins & Coulter (2016), efficiency is a measure of the level of resource use in a process to get the most output with the least resources time and effort. In other words, being efficient simply means reducing the amount of wasted inputs. All organizations should be efficient because all inputs such as time and money are limited. Efficient process marked by improvement process so that it becomes cheaper and faster (Smith, 2016). For instance, suppose an organization communicate more
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