Efficiency vs Effectiveness

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Efficiency vs effectiveness Source: http://www.digital-knowledge.nl/dikn/en/to-develop/to-change/efficiency-versus-effectiveness.html Change is often difficult; sometimes it's not. Sometimes it's just a matter of looking at things differently. In our society efficiency is seen as very important, but should we really make efficiency that important? Perhaps by using slightly different, but very similar measures, the nett result is really different! The terms effectiveness and efficiency are related. Efficiency describes the nett use of resources required to perform a task; effectiveness refers to the degree a goal is reached. Efficiency is a measure of the way something functions, as seen from the point of view of that thing or…show more content…
Of course, ideally one should be both efficient and effective. However, when having to make a choice between the two, choosing getting the rights things done (effectiveness) over doing things right (efficiency), might yield better results, in the end. Typically, in modern organisations, all sorts of activities must be recorded, as demanded by protocol. Keeping these records serves some purpose. The combination of goal and content of the administration determines whether it is effective, the way this is done determines its efficiency. The later use of the records determines the ultimate effectiveness of record-keeping. In many cases, record-keeping is done separately from the main process, which makes it inefficient, and in many cases the administration is mainly used to 'prove' an activity was performed, without knowing the end-result, which makes it ineffective. Change that tightly couples the (new) design of processes, products and services to the ultimate goal (customer demand) is very well feasible. However, at the design level it requires a focus on the goal and purpose (i.e. the effect) instead of the efficiency of the implementation. Effective Vs. Efficient: Do You Know The Difference? by Daniel Scocco source: http://www.dailyblogtips.com/effective-vs-efficient-difference/ Effective and efficient are very common business/marketing

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