Electric Power, Motors and Generators Surround Us Every Day

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Our world is powered by electricity; it surrounds us in every turn and every corner, powering our streetlights, our TVs, our hospitals, our homes, and our communities. Electricity is a form of energy that results from charged particles. There are many energy sources that can be converted into electricity, and that’s why it is suited for powering our society. We can generate electricity from burning fuels, energy of falling water, solar energy, and basically anything that has energy. Electricity is also easy to distribute, using transmission lines connecting the energy power station to homes, schools and so on. Atoms consist of electric charge, so electric charge is everywhere and the electric charge has an electric field. An electric field can only be created by a positive charge and destroyed by a negative charge(Brightstorm, 2010). According to Bob emery, owner of senior physics website, to generate electric power it requires motion between a magnetic field and a conductor. Attraction of a magnet is limited to certain boundaries this is called the magnetic field of a magnet (Makemegenius, 2013).

An electric current in a magnetic field will experience a force, (HyperPhysics, 2014) due to the interaction between the charged particles in the electric current and the magnet, this force is called the motor effect. To find the direction of magnetic field you use the right-hand rule, pointing the thumb in the direction of the current and curling your fingers in
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