Advantages And Disadvantages Of Magnetic Field

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Magnetic field is the spaces in which kinetic and electrically charged particles are under influence of power and is formed following that electrons revolve around the nucleus and themselves. Magnetic field is a phenomenon which cannot be directly seen or easily felt, however its results can be seen and felt. Today, with the development of technology its measurement via devices has become possible. All substances are of magnetic fields, either living or non-living, weak or strong. Like every substance, there is a magnetic field of human beings, too. People are under the influence of their magnetic fields as well as the magnetic field of their surroundings naturally. Besides its advantages, this magnetic field might have disadvantages with the …show more content…

They occur in connection with use of electric power, electronic surveillance systems and various types of wireless communications. While these fields differ with respect to strengths and physical characteristics, they all give rise to concern among those exposed about the possibility of health risks. It is well established that strong fields can give rise to acute health effects, such as burns, but exposure guidelines and regulations protect effectively against such effects. Current concerns are instead directed towards the possibility that long-term exposure to weak fields might have detrimental health effects due to some, to date unknown, biological mechanism. Due to the widespread use of these techniques and the very prevalent exposure to some of the types of field involved, even a weak association with disease risk could have strong impacts on public health. Although the likelihood of such a scenario is debatable, it is the opinion of many that close monitoring of health risks among exposed subjects is a high priority. Indeed, extensive research is ongoing and has been so for several years. A report linking childhood cancer mortality to the presence of power lines in the near proximity to the children’s homes about 25 years ago spurred the interest in power frequency fields1 . This interest has remained high ever since, although it has gradually shifted towards other types of field, and in particular towards those used in connection with telecommunications. The objective of this paper is to discuss the evidence pertaining to the possibility that long-term exposure to weak fields of the types discussed above may be associated with health

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