Electronic Medical Record Hypothesis

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A hypothesis is an educated guess or question that can be researched. To develop an Electronic Medical Record hypothesis, an EMR question must exist or need answers. Also, the EMR hypothesis needs to have a way to be proven or researched. The question of whether Electronic Medical Record systems after time have a positive financial impact on an adopting health care institution can be proven and researched. Research can be performed to prove whether EMR systems can have a positive or negative financial impact in adopting health care institutions. The listed five literature review all started with a question which in reality is a hypothesis that the researchers sought to answer. Can Electronic Medical Record Systems Transform Health Care? Potential…show more content…
Two research methods that could be used to determine the value of EMR adoption would be the Correlation Research Method and Evaluation Research Method. The correlation research method would be good to determine the value of Electronic Medical Records, because the research method determines the correlation between relationships. The correlation between the numbers of patients a physician’s seen in one day could be correlated with the adoption of an Electronic Medical Record system. Correlation research allows two variables to be compared for a degree of strength between 0.00 and 1.00. A correlation relationship of 0.00 is a relationship of poor strength. A correlation relationship of 1.00 shows a perfect relationship between variables. If the correlation relationship between the number of patients seen by a physician and the adoption of an EMR system is equal to 1.00, the correlation relationship between both variables is strong. The evaluation research method would be a good fit to examine the impact of adopting an Electronic Medical Record system by a health care institution. The evaluation research method examines the efficiency and effectiveness of programs such as implementation of an EMR system. Health technology assessment falls under the umbrella of evaluation research method. The evaluation research method could help assess the adoption of new health technology for assessment value. An assessment could be done prior to adoption of an EMR system to establish
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