Electronic Medical Records Research

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Even before electronic medical records became available, there was interest in encouraging patients to review their medical records. In doing so, researchers sought to educate, engage, and empower patients. At the same time, researchers recognized that the medical record contains technical language and raw data that was never intended for the layman, so the medical record might also worry or confuse patients. Clinical trials that gave medical patients access to their written records showed modest benefits (such as improved doctor-patient communication) with minimal risk of harm. (Ross, Moore, Earnest, Wittevrongel, & Lin 2004, page1). Indeed, the electronically stored medical records and use of the Internet provide patients access to their records online. An Internet-accessible medical record is helpful for patients and helps Patients to review medical records online repeatedly and at their convenience. Besides, in the context of other resources that aid them in comprehending it. Studies have shown that patients could have access to online medical records without compromising privacy and security. Furthermore, patients appreciated to have access to their records and they cause small disruption to clinical operations. A study was done with…show more content…
EHRs will improve caregivers' decisions and patients' outcomes. Once patients experience the benefits of this technology, they will demand nothing less from their providers. Hundreds of thousands of physicians have already seen these benefits in their clinical practice. But inevitability does not mean easy transition. We have years of the professional agreement and bipartisan consensus regarding the potential value of EHRs. Yet we have not moved significantly to extend the availability of EHRs from a few large institutions to the smaller clinics and practices where most Americans receive their health
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