Emergency Preparedness Essay

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Emergency preparedness is a topic all childcare employees should know and have a very strong understanding about. All cities have different types of emergencies and they each come with their own consequences. For example Kamloops has fifty two different emergency events, and each one has a proper way of handling it and the wrong way. That is why every person in the child care system or working with children should have an understanding of how to react and what to do in each emergency. While working with children there is a way of approaching problems. Since children follow after other and learn from the peres around them, it is very important that the adults that is in charge act in a mature manner and is prepared for any circumstance that comes.
Kamloops has too many possible events to be ready for, thankful the childcare system has prepared protocol for most of them and already have plans set for daycares, pre-schools and schools. So all their educators and employees need is to know them and know how to handle the problem in the time being. All workplaces should be prepared for any problem that approaches them. Some of the common emergencies that happen in Kamloops are; floods, fires, windstorms, snowstorms, power outage and weapon threats or shootings. Although that is not all of them they are the major ones and the ones that will strongly affect children. The most important part of any emergency is making sure the children know how to react in the emergency and what

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