Emotion Regulation Abilities of Kindergartners

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The article I review addressed the emotion regulation abilities of kindergarteners and how their ability to control their emotions related to the school achievements. The researchers’ goal seemed to be to find out how does emotion and emotion control affect school achievements for kindergarteners. This article also portrays how children’s ability to control their feelings and emotions can have a large effect on the way the relationship between the teacher the student is viewed by the teacher. The hypothesis can be summarized as follows: A child with the ability to control their emotions and be balanced will be able to form good relationships with their teachers and will achieve positive results academically. In contrast, if a child has little to no control over their emotions then they will have lower levels of academic success as well as poorly reported relationships with their teachers. This study used a sample of 325 five year-olds who were all in kindergarten. Of the 325 participants, 143 of them were boys and 172 of them were girls. Researchers also reported that the sample was taken from a variety of ethnically diverse groups and SES. When the children were taking part in the study, they were studied in their schools as well as a laboratory setting. Researchers also obtained reports from both the parents and teachers of the kindergarteners on the child’s emotional control and academic presentation at school. When rating the academic performance of the participants,

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