Emotional Intelligence And Effective Business Communication

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Although I am not a management major or a minor here at Bentley University, when picking classes, Interpersonal Relations seemed like a good use of an elective course. Originally going into the course I had some knowledge of emotional intelligence and effective business communication. Nonetheless, I knew my personal communication skills were on a less adequate level than they should be, and thought a course would help me understand myself and others better. Now that I have spent the semester learning and analyzing these skills, I feel I have accomplished my goals on learning more about interpersonal relations on a deeper level.

I never knew what a self concept was until I took the course and analyzed how I view others and myself. Upon further insight, I realized based on my assumptions and perceptions I have a darker view on the world, so that tends to leave me with a darker view on myself. However, when I took a common emotional intelligence test called Myers-Briggs, I was claimed to be a introverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceptive person. This means I am a reserved person who has sharp interests but has theoretical thinking and many ideas. However, I did also learn in another assessment that I can notice others’ emotions on well and allows me to have a fairly well social interaction, when given the chance. Therefore, most relationships I have take time to build up into effective ones. I try not to be a difficult person, but we all have flaws and sometimes I can be

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