The Goal Of College Professors

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The goal of college professors is to prepare students for life after college. Teachers commonly rely on presentations to teach students communication skills, but that is not enough because it only teaches an individual to speak in front of a group. Interpersonal skills are a required skill set to have an effective conversation with another individual, which makes interpersonal skills extremely important in the Business community. Interpersonal skills are important in the business community because an individual must be able to communicate effectively with their colleagues, and the ability to actively listen to clients. Teachers fail to teach interpersonal skills because it is taught by doing, not seeing. The only way students are able to …show more content…

Chris Cotter says that active listening is a complicated skill to learn because it requires an individual to be mentally engaged to the speaker’s tone of voice, and body language (Cotter). In other words, students need to be aware of both verbal and non-verbal messages. Louise Rehling says an effective means to start actively listening to focus on a what a group member is communicating, instead of thinking of a response at the same time. When a disagreement occurs in the group, members are expected to watch for body language and other cues to fully understand their group member thought process, instead of deeming them unhelpful for the group (482). When individuals feel that their voice is being heard then a trust among group members is strengthened and the quality of assignment is improved, thus listening skills is an important skill taught in group work. In the present day, a majority of companies want to create a relationship with their consumer. Employees that are able to actively listen to clients are better adept to understand the client and change the way they are communicating with the client.
Verbal communication skills are an important part of cooperative learning because it creates a sense of trust among group members. A typical response by students when the announcement of a group project is to occur a moan, whether it be internal or external, is let out. According to Daniel Levi, the reason

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