Emotional Regulation

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It is believed that in general, people who are effective with emotional regulation are less depressed and have fewer negative feelings. The experimenter was testing if the belief a participate had in their successfulness could or would alter the actual success of controlling emotional regulation. Emotional regulation is a key part of mental health and everyday adjustment for people. In this experiment the goal was to test the experimenter’s theory that the belief of success would alter one’s emotion regulation capacities. This came from their hypotheses of belief in success can lead to better regulation of emotions.

II. Method

This experiment was a traditional experiment because unlike a quasi-experiment, this one had random assignments. …show more content…

Next, was the experiment. The student walked into the experiment, one at a time, was greeted by a man in a white lab coat. Who then explained the drug to the student. If they were not in the controlled group they were told about side effects, such as emotional regulation, and if they were they were told of no side effects. AT this point the participants were rated on their emotional experiences of, with being asked how often they felt certain feelings. This gave the experimenter a baseline. After obtaining the baseline the participants watched the first clip, Born on the 4th of July. While watching the clip they were rated on their emotions. The participants were also given a questionnaire about the clip to support the story of the experiment being about memory. Then the participant had to answer a question about the side effect of the drug, and then had a small white pill to take. After a two-minute wait, they watched the next clip with instructions to control their emotions while watching the clip. In comparison to the first clip, the participant had to rate their emotions during the clip. Afterwards, they were asked if the experiment seemed suspicious, and to conclude the experiment, the participant was …show more content…

The study also showed that with this control the participant was documenting happier feelings. This experiment, with the happier feelings, is the beginning of studies proving that if a person is successfully taught or has the right subconscious push to controlling their feelings can live a mentally healthier life. The results support the hypothesis because they thought if the patient believed, even subconsciously, that they could control their emotions then they would be able to. The uncontrolled group showed that with that push they were more positive in their documentation of their feelings. The belief in success created

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