Empirical Differences Between Agile And Devops

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Empirical differences between Agile and DevOps
With the increased development of software applications, increased the demand for principles in-order to maintain quality, flexibility, cost control and maintenance. There are several models of software development, that describes the approaches to a variety of tasks or activities that takes place during the development process. In most of the traditional IT process, the collaboration between the developer teams and the operational teams is minimal and sometimes there would be no communication, which resulted in various issues like ‘system works in test and doesn’t work in production environment’. To overcome this issue, various modern methodologies are developed. In this paper, comparison of …show more content…

An agile project is developed in iterations, which is reviewed and critiqued by a project team. Usually, these project teams includes representatives from the client business and the employees of the organization. Each iteration has a time period defined with a set of goals.
Based on the properties of iteration some organizations term iteration as sprint, all sprints are iterations but not otherwise. Sprint is a time-boxed i.e., it is finished on the planned date and not
CONJECTURAL DIFFERENCES BETWEEN AGILE AND DEVOPS 5 when it is ready. Sprint properties can be varied, but likely you’ll want to try to find an amount of time that “works well”.
Agile software development supports various concrete practices that covers the areas like requirements, process, design, coding, modeling, testing, project management and quality. These models promote continuous integration, automatic unit testing, code refactoring and domaindriven design are often used to improve quality and enhance project agility. Agile is not a solution for all of the software development challenges, a good project team should always remember that requirements would change as they design and develop. The team should be clever enough to adopt the changes with minimum disruption irrespective of which methodology is followed. The project teams are governed by project management with a set of responsibilities, the below table

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