Advantages And Disadvantages Of Software Development Models

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There are various Software development models or methodologies. They are as follows:
There are various methods of developing software models which depends on the projects objective and outcomes . There are multiple methodologies that are made in order to attain the goal. Software development models defines the different steps of the model and the way they are executed.
It really plays an important role when testing is being done. It basically explains that which model or what best technique to be used when.
Software development process involves :
• Planning – it sees what are the demands in a task. Thus, its very important
• Implementation –in implantation the developers code the program for a particular outcome
• Software testing – this
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2 types of evolutionary model are :
 Prototyping:
It is decided by end users. When a customer gives a positive feedback then it is finalized for the final product
 Accurate
 Appreciate customer feedbacks
 Programmer learn from users
 Cheap

 Wants feedback
 It gets complex because of its rapid, irrelative nature

It involves four process planning, risk Analysis, engineering and evaluation. It is a mixture of both designing and prototyping. it is a bit similar to waterfall model
 Strong documentation control
 Functionality can be added later
 Good for larger scale project
 Costly
 Requires skill workers
 Not applicable for small projects
 Difficult to convenience customers
Concurrent model
It is used for all types and is basically for client server application. It takes place simultaneously at one time. The state only changes when an event is interrupted. It also changes with time

 Can be used for all types of software's
 Gives the exact picture
 User friendly
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