Employee Empowerment

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Employee Empowerment Exploring employee empowerment is a management decision based on proven capability and demonstrated trust by the employee. Transformed organizations introduce empowerment over rules and regulations through smart governance and guidelines supporting organizational culture. These practices promote improved customer service through employee decision-making extended by management authority and flexibility. Demonstrating customer-focused programs and practices through skilled and knowledgeable employees with authority and responsibility to move the organization forward in its mission. Power and Empowerment By definition and context, power is “possession of control, authority, or influence over others”…show more content…
The candidates committed to the organization coupled with the willingness to work beyond the scope of work makes them ideal candidates for empowerment. Empowered employees work in concert with the organizational mission as management recognizes their ability and gains further trust in employee’s capability for sound decision-making and respect for boundaries. Empowered employees are problem solvers and are keen on the organization’s goals as objectives. A manager will choose an empowered employee because he or she takes initiative on projects and is capable of providing innovative ideas that can enhance productivity and product improvements. According to Anderson (2011), empowered employees tend to take more responsibility in their work knowing that what they produce effects the success and profitability of the organization. Managers identify empowered employees as assets to the organization and instrumental in achieving successful outcomes. Managers empower employees who they trust to follow specific instructions and effectively communicate organizational protocols. The empowered employee is an intrinsically motivated team builder not afraid to take controlled risks and assume responsibility. Effects of Employee Empowerment Interaction between employee and management affects many facets of an
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