Employee Motivation Essay

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Introduction For the success of every organization, employees’ motivation plays a great role in ensuring that the business activities are moving accordingly and therefore earning higher returns. The ways in which the managers motivate the employees vary in different organizations and thus results into different performance levels in the different sectors. The Amazing World of Fun Park had different group of employees who worked in different sectors and received different forms of motivations from the management. The employees’ production rate was very high in these groups but it also ended up bringing problems which affected the park. These differences are discussed below and their contribution to the problems in the Park. Differences in …show more content…

Bearing this in mind the crew worked very hard to maintain their power over the others in the park. On the other hand, the maintenance crew also knew that the park could not run without them. Their responsibility involves carrying out the daily maintenance in the park and consisted of craftsmen, engineers, carpenters, builders, and electricians. The maintenance work in a skillfully manner making use of the limited resources available at the park but the management rewarded them accordingly motivating them to increase their output . The whole park consists of animals of different types; the animal specialists ensure that these animals receive the necessary treatments and conserve them to keep the business running and capture more visitors. They value no other job and they are dedicated to work for long hours as compared to all the other park staff. The animal assistants and the commercial staff, which include the hospitality crew and the cast crew, are two rivals in the park and therefore cannot join in any function. This motivates each group to work hard in order to gain fame from the management and rank the best overall in terms of production. The cast crew also had the responsibility of staying around the park dressed in animal skins to entertain the visitors and advertise some of the endangered species like the Gary Gecko,

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