Employee Retention, Employee Performance Management

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Effective staff management is essential to ensuring your workplace runs smoothly and efficiently, and that the right employees are in the right positions (McQuerrey, 2015). This research looks at the top five staffing issues companies have when looking for potential employees. Through the research process I used several qualified articles, journals, books and websites. I will discuss topics such as employee retention, employee performance management, employee training and development, outsourcing and termination of services. I will also include a recommendation based from the research provided. All the human resource activities are dependent on the cost-benefit analysis whereby the employment and retentions of the employees
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Performance management is collaborative such that the expectations of the management of a certain employee have to be set by discussion and consultation between the organization 's management and the worker such that the performance standards are set and attainable according to the capabilities of the employee (Mondy, Noe & Gowan, 2005). Performance management consists of a cycle of interrelated activities. The first stage of the cycle is the clarification of expectations. Employees have to be involved at this point since it is the main determinant of their actions. This stage focuses on the setting of the goals and standards of the evaluation of performance that are both attainable and realistic according to the capabilities of the employee. The second stage in the performance management cycle is the planning and development of the performance. The stage concerns itself with the actual actions that the employees will undertake in order to reach their key performance indicators in their respective result areas. The performance management planning acts as the basis of control on the performance. The third step is the monitoring of the performance. Performance management has to be conducted as an ongoing case for the attainment of the overall goals of the organization. Current performance management helps in the creation of the right information concerning the performance of a certain group. It is also the primary basis for the evaluation of the
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