Employee Strengths And Decision Making Strategies

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Employee Strengths in Decision Making Strategies
Different individuals in a work environment possess various unique strengths which can be applied in making effective work related decisions. Participating in the Strengths Finder Test would therefore help employees to identify what they are good at and how they can use it for the benefit of the company. This paper will focus on developing a training tool that can be used by the management to coach the employees on how to use their unique strengths in making decisions. Some of the strengths that individual employees may possess include flexibility, creativity, teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills, dependability and leadership among others.
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Decision making process depends on the trust build between members of the team. In the absence of trust, members will always be suspicious of decisions or suggestions made by other members of the team resulting to challenges in making sound business decisions.
Teamwork and creativity among employees also play a major role in the decision making process. To begin with teamwork, members ought to be in unison and direct all their efforts, knowledge and skills towards achieving specific goals set by management. The process of bringing this team together involves various business decisions which require teamwork. All members of the team for instance should agree to work together in order to form an effective team. The success of the team will also be pinned on the creativity and innovative abilities of the individual members forming the team (Phillips & Gully, 2013). The modern business environment is very dynamic and therefore requires a creative and innovative team to make the complex decisions in the dynamic environment. It is therefore clear that the personal strength of each employee in a modern work environment plays major role in the decision making process.
Managers have a role to play in developing their employees to utilize their strengths in decision making processes. Their role involves providing a conducive environment in the work places for employees to use their strengths to develop courses of action that solve a variety of the management

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