Marketing Analysis : Issaquah Philharmonic Orchestra

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Issaquah Philharmonic Orchestra was set up in October 2000, and became a non-profit organization in February 2012. IPO has been performing 3 public concerts annually since November 2003, and its mission is to offer opportunities for qualified musicians, both young and old, to perform music, and to raise the level of music education and enhance the performing arts in Issaquah (“Issaquah Philharmonic Orchestra,” n.d.).
This paper analyzes the team effectiveness of the IPO board using a list of 10 performance measures for evaluation, taken from various academic and industry sources. The paper also shows several important dynamics which contribute to IPO’s success and offers suggestions to improve the orchestra’s board …show more content…

Kreitner and Kinicki (2013, pp. 307, 323) also wrote that effective teamwork depends on clear purpose, informality, members’ participation, listening, civilized disagreement, consensus decisions, open communication, clear roles and responsibilities, shared leadership, effective external relations, style diversity, and self-assessment, while high-performance teams are created through participative and shared leadership, alignment on purpose, effective communication, future-orientation, task-focus, creative talents, and rapid response. In addition, some industry articles suggested the following criteria for effective teams: diversity, clear goal, effective communication, trust, ownership, job competencies, leadership competencies, morale, and operations metrics (“Characteristics,” n.d.; “Evaluation criteria,” n.d.).
There are two threats to team effectiveness. First, the Asch effect, when an individual’s judgement is distorted by an incorrect but unanimous opposition, and second, group think, when a cohesive in-group members choose unanimity over appraisal of alternative courses of action (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2013, pp. 290, 292). Diversity is important to mitigate the risks of the Asch effect and group think. Solution
From the above sources of assessment of team effectiveness, 10 performance measures are selected to evaluate the IPO board. Seven measures, namely diversity, clear

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