Employees ' Intrinsic Values And Its Impact On The Workplace

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Apart from leaders being aware of their employees’ intrinsic values, they must be able to provide honest and valuable feedback. This can be done formally or informally. Continuous feedback may be more beneficial being that both parties are able to actively see growth, or the lack thereof, and if the developmental opportunities are valuable (Lerner, 2016). When doing feedback, or even determining which path to take, leaders must ensure the focus remains on the development of the employee versus doing it just to have someone else trained on a task that falls under that leader. Another factor to consider is leaders must ensure they are not biased to whom they want to provide developmental opportunities to. Showing preferential treatment to star performers over those who may be mediocre can portray a negative image to employees. Both could benefit from the opportunity and the ending results could ultimately strengthen the organization from within due to having a staff with increased aptitude which can lead to increased quality of results in the workplace (Vuta & Farcas, 2015). Example of Employee Development According to the Air Force Doctrine Document 1-1, force development incorporates a multitude of challenges and experiences combined with training and education opportunities that help develop Air Force leaders (Scheiner, 2006). Within the United States Air Force, individuals are provided skills needed to be an efficient Airman by being challenged physically and
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