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Should Workplaces Let Employees Nap During the Day? Did you know that the September 2011 study from the ‘Journal of Sleep’ states U.S. companies have lost $63 billion in lost productivity majorly due to lack of sleep? ( problem could be fixed if people could get more sleep; all workplaces should allow employees to take naps throughout the day. In the article ‘The Most Sleep-Friendly Companies in America’ Annie Hauser and Allison Takeda, senior editors for said, “28 percent of workers admitted that daytime sleepiness impacts their daily duties a few times a month, and it can lead to dangerous drowsy driving… and even increased …show more content…

While sleeping, the body releases a chemical called the growth hormone. The growth hormone counteracts hormone cortisol, which humans tend to have an excess of when sleep deprived. Too much hormone cortisol negatively affects the body: increase of abdominal fat, weakens the immune system, etc. which can lead to heart disease and diabetes. However, napping increases growth hormones in the body, consequently boosting the immune system, decreases stress, and helps the body repair muscle. ( Many employees do not get the recommended eight hours of sleep every night, so naps help the body complete crucial chemical processes that we need. A 2007 study published by the Archives of Internal Medicine found that working men who had a midday nap at least three times a week had their risk of death from heart disease decreased by 64% ( Zoe Henry, a reporter for recently quoted Stefan Camenzind, the CEO of Evolution Design, in her article ‘6 Companies (Including Uber) Where It’s OK to Nap’: "Most people are told that the harder you work, the longer you work, the better it is," Camenzind adds. "That's not sustainable, and that's probably also not true. It's about smart working, and that means you need to recharge. In this context, nap rooms become more and more …show more content…

They know that the media has publicized and shamed napping for adults. They think that functioning adults should be able to work efficiently without napping. While this thinking may have worked in the old days, research now tells us that is incorrect. The majority of adults are busy people, never able to get enough sleep at night. That quick midday nap boosts energy even better than a cup of coffee. In conclusion, all workplaces should allow employees to take naps throughout the day. Naps improve many aspects of physical and mental health. Many successful companies such as Google, Uber, Zappos, Capital One Labs, Ben & Jerry’s, and PricewaterhouseCoopers already offer nap rooms and sleep times. Why don’t we join them? We are on the path to healthier, happier, and therefore more productive, employees and companies!

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