Employment And Labour Of Alberta And Saskatchewan

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Employment and Labour The federal government and the governments of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan have each enacted legislation regarding minimum employment standards, pay equity, occupational health and safety, workers ' compensation and labour relations. Applicability of federal or provincial employment laws depends on whether an employer operates in a provincially or federally regulated industry. Most industries are regulated by the province in which the business is located. However, certain industries, such as airlines, railways and banking, are federally regulated. While provincial and federal employment legislation is similar, they may vary in substantially. Minimum Employment Standards Employment standards legislation of the federal government and each of the governments of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan provide for specific workplace standards with which employers must comply, including: • minimum vacation time; • rights to pregnancy leave; • minimum notice of termination; • severance pay; • minimum wage rates • maximum hours of work; and • compulsory public holidays. These legislative standards provide a baseline that employers and employees cannot contract out of. A provision of an employment contract that provides for less generous treatment than that provided by applicable employment standards legislation will be unenforceable. The common law may entitle employees to more generous treatment than that provided under applicable
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