139840 Level 2 Unit Hsc 025 The Role Of The Health And Social Care Worker Exemplar Candidate Work

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CARE HEALTH AND SOC TH AND SOCIAL CARE H SOCIAL CARE HEALTH A CARE HEALTH AND SOC AND SOCIAL CARE HEA RE QUALIFICATIONS HE ALTH AND SOCIAL CARE EXEMPLAR SOCIAL CARE HEALTH A CANDIDATE WORK CARE HEALTH AND SOC TH AND SOCIAL CARE H UNIT HSC 025 the role of the health and social care worker Unit HSC 025 2 Unit HSC 025 CONTENTS Introduction Page 4 Unit Purpose Page 5 Evidence for Learning Outcome 1 AC 1.1 Commentary for Evidence for AC 1.1 AC 1.2 Commentary for Evidence for AC 1.2 Evidence for Learning Outcome 2 AC 2.1 Commentary for Evidence for AC 2.2 ACS 2.2 and 2.3 Commentary …show more content…

Personal relationships involve doing things together outside of work…’ COMMENTARY FOR EVIDENCE FOR AC 1.1 • Assessment Method: The assessor has used an open and direct written question with this learner ‘Explain how…’ this encourages the learner to think about the differences between working and personal relationships. The assessment method is valid as it measures the learner’s understanding and knowledge of working and personal relationships. • Quality of Evidence: The learner’s response is of a good quality because the learner provides details of a range of differences between personal and working relationships and shows own understanding of both: ‘Working relationships are based on formal policies and procedures and agreed ways of working; these are bound by contracts of employment and have codes of practice to be followed – working relationships are professional based…..’. Personal relationships are based on emotions and are informal.’ When describing working relationships the learner reflects on own role and shares the aspects of own working relationship as a care assistant’ • Breadth of Evidence: The learner has given a detailed account of personal and working relationships. The learner’s evidence meets AC1.1 fully in terms of providing an explanation of how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship. 6 Unit HSC 025 Assessment Criteria: AC1.2 – Describe different working relationships in health and social care

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