Empowerment Analysis

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Empowerment This paper will analyze what empowerment and power are and how they affect the author of this paper. I work at AvisBudget (ABG) and will look at the different levels of power and empowerment at work. Now to explore the five levels of power. What is Power “At the core of the concept of empowerment is the idea of power…. Power is often related to our ability to make others do what we want, regardless of their own wishes or interests” (Page & Czuba, 1999). The article goes on to explain that the only way empowerment can exist is if power can be transferred. Now to be more be more specific regarding empowerment at ABG. Power Level One Power level one is reward power. “Reward power is Power based on an agent’s ability to control rewards that a target wants” (Nelson & Quick, 2013, p. 397). The department I am in at ABG is Sales Admin. There are many small rewards given in Sales Admin that fall into this area. One example is the group celebrations that are observed for birthdays ans anniversaries. Another example is the celebration points that are given for special recognition. The target (coordinator) can purchase items from a website with the points. This brings us to level two.…show more content…
“Coercive power is Power that is based on an agent’s ability to cause an unpleasant experience for a target” (Nelson & Quick, 2013, p. 397). The best example of this is quality assurance check. Although it was not setup to cause an unpleasant experience, it has evolved to that. Errors found in the QA check are logged and put on the individual scorecard and thus causing an unpleasant experience for
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