Endotherm Lab Report

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Endotherm are animals that regulate internal temperature at a range dispie ambient temperature changes. This research will aid to identify how different ambient temperature will affect the mice’s metabolic rate. Previous research suggest that thermo neutral zone is the range which endotherm conduct metabolic with least stress. However to understand the exact relationship between the change in ambient temperature on endothermic metabolic rate, metabolic system measurement would be carried out to measure the ambient temperature and oxygen percentage. The hypothesis was that as the mices experiences ambient temperature outside of their thermal neutral zone, then they will intake more oxygen because more metabolic activities need to take place…show more content…
Prior to the experiment, the eight mice were exposed to room temperature for 10 days so all the mice can adjust to a constant temperature. One thing that's important to understand in order to measure the metabolic rate is the mouse should not be growing, pregnant, eating, nor very active during this process. This is because the growing, pregnant, eating and being active requires excessive amount of metabolic activities. On experiment day, set up the metabolic measurement setup as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 is consist of a air pump for pumping air throughout the system for the rat. A drying column to slow down the air movement in the system and to remove the water molecules or moisture from the air for more accurate oxygen intake reading. Then is the flowmeter that help to maintain a certain amount of oxygen being pass into the animal chamber. Having too much or too little oxygen can toxicate or kill the mouse. Therefore to maintain the 400 ppm amount of air required for the mouse to survive in the chamber, the flow meter is required to maintain constant observation of oxygen provided for the animal. Then after the flowmeter is followed by where the animal will be in during the experiment, the animal chamber. Connected to the animal chamber is the temperature probe for measuring the temperature inside the chamber. Next is the condenser, which is required to remove the moisture from the air the mouse breath out for more accurate oxygen intake reading. Then is the oxygen probe sensor that measures the oxygen output from the mouse and the system ends when the air goes back out into the environment. One thing wasn’ shown in this figure is a copper coiler shown in figure 2. The cooper coiler is required to manipulate the temperature of
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