Endurance : Shackleton 's Incredible Voyage

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Giancarlo Chiribao
Mrs. Flores
IB Language Arts 1A
8 August 2015
Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage, by Alfred Lansing: Text Analysis Journal
1. Adaptability
2. Teasing Titillation
3. Continuous Optimism, albeit Adversities

Paragraph One In Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage, by Alfred Lansing, the paragraph beginning with “And so November…” on page 87, in Part 2, Chapter 5 clearly portrays one of the themes present throughout the novel: Adaptability/Endurance. This theme, and therefore this paragraph, is important to the novel as the ability for the men to adapt to the harsh conditions they face as well as their ability to endure these conditions is the key factor in their survival. One literary technique evidently used by Lansing in the paragraph is symbolism, specifically of the ice. The ice symbolizes the driving force for the men to adapt, as living on the ice floe requires changes in order to stay alive. Lansing says that the men “…had been for the ice for just a month” (87). As the men are on the ice, they are forced to change the way they live in ways such as how they prepare food, how they gather warmth, how they sleep, how they work, and much more. Not only does the ice symbolize adaptability in this manner, but it symbolizes the high ability of adaptation that the men possess, as they are able to adapt to the new living conditions, which leads to them being able to survive quite a while on multiple floes. This is ability of adaptation is

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