Energy BBDO Agencies

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I reviewed over a plethora of Agencies to look at what they are known for and who their top clients are. I came to find out each agency had different qualities that made them the agency that they are today. The first Agency I looked at was Energy BBDO. Tonise Paul is the president of Energy BBDO. One thing that they do to make them differ from other agencies is that they try to relate or connect with people based on their daily lives. For example one of their biggest clients is Extra gum. The one commercial they did showed what a person goes through, throughout their lives, and it hit home for a lot of people. People could relate to the Ad then obviously was interested in the product. Energy BBDO also works with 5 Gum, Claritin, Windex, and…show more content…
FCB (Foote, Cone, and Bleding) is another agency, their top clients consist of: Fiat, Michelob Ultra, hp, and Jack Daniels. This is the oldest agency in Chicago since 1873 and the president is Michael Fasshacht. They are also the newest agency everyone wants in Chicago because of their history of greatness, they never lost touch. Hallmark, Kellogg's, Kraft, and Coca-cola are some clients of Leo Burnett. Rich Studdart is the president of Leo Burnett. This agencies main focus is “Humankind,” they like to meet the peoples standards or needs in society, rather than their own needs. “Were not really into elevators we prefer the stairs,” is a quote from Tom, Dick & Harry ad agency. Bridgett Laimain is the president of TD&H. They go the extra mile to make the ads perfect as they can get, they spend as much time as needed to get the job done, in the end they make some of the most known clients and or brands. They are a smaller company, and their friendlier so they say. Nike, Fox and Discover are some of their bigger clients. Tom Stuart is the president of a agency that finds the problem and solves it, called Downtown Partners Chicago. “Thinkers solve problems to ads for people and doers,” is one of their
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