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Rasmus Bruhn 06-03-2012 English – B htx112-ENG/B-25082011 HTX Sønderborg 1.x SUMMARY; PUMPING UP THE BRAIN A broadcast from CBS televised a video clip from The Early Show. The show was about how exercise helps the brain perform better and may have crucial implications for kids. The host, Dr. Debbye Turner-Bell, provides many striking examples proving the importance of exercise: A high school in Illinois substantiated the importance of exercise with empirical test’s, which showed how students in PE classes performed better in a math test compared to inactive students. A professor at Harvard medical school, Dr. John Ratey, states that exercise produces growth factors called BDNF that helps producing brain cells in hippocampus – an…show more content…
Many schools are de-emphasizing PE-classes – also known as Physical Education – because of economic problems. The federal government is continuously raising the overall education budget, but it doesn’t help. Most of the funding comes from state and local government, who get their financial act together. But are these cutbacks really necessary? We should pin down those who disagree and solve the problem. Subsequently, revise the budget. You may ask: Are you able to prove that your assertion is tenable? Dr. John Ratey, a professor at Harvard medical school, made some tests were the outcome where defiant against our current school system; exercise produces growth factors – called BDNF – that increases the production of brain cells in Hippocampus – an area in the brain associated with memory and learning. “Now, what's ironic is that some schools have cut back on PE in favor of more academics” (quote: Dr. Debbye Turner-Bell, pumping up the brain) – Isn’t it paradoxical? The literary lectures are being prioritized higher than PE classes and that is also how I should be. But I know it from myself, lectures from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. without exercise or caffeine is impossible; mind you, staying focused and still learning. The perfect educational environment is combined with exercise. In contrast, diet and sleep habits are fundamental, which leads to my next argument. The fundamental in sleep is REM – also called the dreaming-zone. Your body becomes paralyzed.
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