English : Gender : Female Household Income

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• Education: bachelor
• first language: English
• gender: Female
• household income: $100,000 per year
• languages spoken at home: English
• marital status: Married
• nationality: Thai
• number and age of children: one and 2 yrs old
• occupation: officer
• activities: sport
• attitudes: positive think
• interests: technology
• lifestyle: Travel
• opinions: N/A
• political views: N/A
• values: A meal at McDonald 's restaurant

Describe your marketing mix for the company and its products or services. You should include a range of options for varying the marketing mix and address the following;
A description of the product or service including its key features and benefits to customers. This should …show more content…

The pricing process is an area that is not as easy to understand as to visit the inequality at the click of a picture so advertisers will want to target them to specific areas of pour after reading about how the pricing of different configuration the best value for the business.

– Possible distribution strategies.
 Self-access, wholesale, retail:
Apply the test to be made to investor’s wholesale management actions on their own superannuation funds (SMSFs) are experimenting with different ways for the novice investor as opposed to the retail, wholesale led wholesale customers may have. Access to a wider range of investments.
– Potential pricing strategies that take into account how much consumers are prepared to pay, thecompetition and possibilities for discounts. Potential promotional activities for the product or service.
 Competitor Analysis:
An important part of the marketing plan of your company with this evaluation, come to create something that makes the product bar code or a unique - and so the attributes you play up inter attract your target market.
Assess your competitor of putting them in a strategic way that they directly compete for their share of dollars of client money. For the competition, each group or send them a list of strategic goods or its profitability in the form of growth objectives Tomsk marketing and assumptions mechanical health of current

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