Enterprise Architecture, Questions and Answer

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Question 1. Discuss three major issues in the practice of Enterprise Architecture. Enterprise Architecture continues to grow and expand with the growth and widespread integration of enterprise systems. With this progress there are consistently new problems which arise regarding Enterprise Architecture and its applications. Three of the major current issues which are faced by majority of Enterprise Architects are that Architects have no control over organisational changes, Enterprise Architecture is enormously time consuming, and the wide scope of activities make developing architectures extremely difficult. The first major problem faced by Enterprise Architects is that they have little to no control over what happens after they design an Enterprise Architecture. Architects submit their plans to senior executives who have all of the power over the implementation and impact the design will have on the firm. An architect cannot directly influence a change in an organisation without the support of senior management (Bricknall, Darrell, Nilsson, & Pessi, 2006). Enterprise Architecture is simply a process. It provides information for steering and control of an organisation after a long process of study and analysis. Yet, senior managers who have no direct involvement in this process make all the decisions in this respect. Enterprise Architecture today is a means to an end however, its acceptance and thus its impact are oftentimes sealed far behind organisational politics and red
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