ModMeters and the IT Planning Process

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ModMeters is proposing a major shift in its operations to a new market in order to meet new customers demands. ModMeters is looking to shift its focus by taking their operations to Eastern Europe and Asia. Because of these areas not already having existing technology infrastructure put into place, ModMeters is going to have to depend heavily on their IT department to pave the way and aid in this expansion. The head executives at ModMeters met to have a meeting about their planning process and how to allocate their IT budget. Expanding into these new markets and building the new operations will take significant amounts of time to develop correctly. These projects are something that require large amounts of capital and will not often show positive signs of return immediately, which is something that troubles the Stan Abrams. This project is giving ModMeters the chance to get their IT planning process in order and make sure it can encompass enough to work with their entire business. Architecture must be developed in order to oversee IT strategy to benefit the whole organizational enterprise. Centralizing IT strategy at the start of the new business strategies will be important to make sure IT and business are working together with common goals that deliver the most value. The following steps are to be completed within each department: 1.Complete a SWOT analysis with a focus on IT core competences. 2.Survey business employees on what technologies they
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