Entrepreneurship Is A Nature Or Nurture Process Essay

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Entrepreneurship is a complex field of study in business that sparks much debate. One prominent discussion relates to whether entrepreneurship is a nature or nurture process. In order to answer this question, entrepreneurship must first be defined. As it is a multi-faceted field that spans across a wide range of contexts, there is no agreed definition of entrepreneurship (Schaper, 2014). For the context of this essay, however, it is a process that brings together a team- with a leading entrepreneur-, an opportunity, the right resources, an organisation, and an appropriate environment (Massey, 2011; Schaper, 2014). This essay argues why such a process is not defined by the actions or characteristics of just one individual. Firstly, entrepreneurial attributes and different personality types are discussed, followed by an argument on the different ways of teaching entrepreneurship. This means that from knowledge and experiences, one can be taught to engage in entrepreneurial activities (“teach”, n.d.). Contrary to popular belief, a universal set of pre-defined characteristics of an entrepreneur does not exist. Every entrepreneur has a unique combination of attributes, and each attribute’s importance will vary across contexts and cultures (Ray, 1993). While some seem more common- such as opportunity obsession and tolerance of risk (Massey, 2011)- there is no evidence to prove that it is these attributes alone that contribute to one’s ability to be an entrepreneur. Lange (as

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