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Tim Horton’s Environmental Scan/External Marketing Environment:

Demographic Forces: * Products appeal to diverse generations * Baby boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Yers can all find something at Tim Horton’s to delight and satisfy their wants and desires * Many locations concentrated in big city dwellings * Of the 6 major urban areas in Canada – Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Gatineau, Calgary and Edmonton every single one of these demographics has an appropriate saturation of stores to meet supply and demand. In the last few years many suburban areas have developed at rapid paces which has led Tim Horton to strategically place more locations in these areas where once there may have been only one store, now
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Dual income families have less and less time to bring their plans together so companies like Tim Horton’s have recognized this by offering flexible shifts for their employees which, by word of mouth, among the other socio-cultural amenities Tim’s offers, makes this a great place to work and a great place to buy from
Economic Forces: * Affordable when discretionary income may be forced to tighten * Products remain relatively steady in pricing at an affordable cost even in leaner times when inflation rates and other benchmark indicators force people to slow down their spending * Product pricing in line with consumer purchasing power * Even keel of supply and demand keeps the company moving forward, largely due to fair, competitive pricing that negates negative economic factors
Technological Forces: * Increased media presence * Tim Horton’s television and radio commercials keep them ahead of the game by increasing their advertising budget for TV and radio spots to gain market share * Various methods of payment * THE TIM CARD - A fast and easy way to purchase “on-the-go” * THE DEBIT CARD - A fast and easy way to purchase “on-the-go” * MASTERCARD PAY PASS - A fast and easy way to purchase

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